by Reapers Path

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released October 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Reapers Path Kiel, Germany

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Track Name: Reapers Path
Trapped in the chokehold of failure
feels like i'm fading and there's just no escape
cause i'm lost in the caves of agony
my hatred is rising, hatred is rising!

walking alone with this hard burden on my back
you don't know how i'm feeling inside
i'm all heartless, i'm all soulless
my pain is rising, my pain is rising!

the reapers hand on my throat
never walking alone

death is waiting
wish i could walk my path alone


can't escape, can't get out
been caged in this world of distress

death is waiting
i wish i could walk my path alone
the reapers hand on my throat
never walking alone
Track Name: Truth
I tryed to be myself every fuckin day
i tryed to live my life
like nothing harmed my way
but one thing that i had to learn
was that the truth always hurts. fuck!

lies, lies, lies only fuckin lies
i tryed my best but i cant leave em behind
all these memories haunting me
they're like chains around my neck
pulling me back

demons surrounding me
misery controlling me
what can i do? i can't give in!
i won't give up my self
i won't drown in sin

chains pulling down my head
sinking deeper end deeper
i try to forget
can't reach out for help
these demons make me loose myself

i'll be myself every fuckin day
i'll live my life
like nothing harmed my way
but one thing i have learned
the truth always hurts
Track Name: Bitter End
lost minds, no colours
nothing inside, just empty words
you'll find out fast enough that beeing selfish hurts

you can't keep your fists up, you can't take a real stand
to all you fuckin fakes
this day will be your bitter end

today theres no escape

i cant control my self, i'm loosing my mind
i've seen this for so long,
stab backs, break hands
you did everything wrong

no heart, no soul just all so unreal
you're only the person the others want you to be

sucked out your opinions
sucked out your ambitions
you won't fool me
you'll never fool me